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Ready chopped stack of firewood

It's a cold, rainy night in November and you've been at work all day. Imagine that when you get in, you can down and relax for a while in the warm glow of a crackling fire. Well, there's no reason why you can't. We sell hardwood logs as firewood, cut to the size which you need for storage. A container full of hardwood also looks quite attractive even when you're not using your fire.

Come home to a warm fire

As well as firewood, we offer a range of oak joinery and sawn timber for industry. Take a look at our gallery for examples.

So why choose hardwood logs? Well, leaving aside that they look a lot nicer by your fireside than coal, there's the fact that hardwood logs burn longer for greater energy efficiency. They're also more environmentally friendly than coal - and sourced from sustainable sources.

Hardwood logs

If you really want to make the fire the centrepiece of your room, take a look at some of the decorative fireplace surrounds which we offer. Now, the surrounds featured in our gallery won't look exactly like the one you'll buy from us because every surround is custom built to your needs. But they all have one thing in common - they make fireplaces look great!

Beautiful decorative surrounds

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